Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, for the third time, Richard Jordan is getting a new trial date. Mr. Jordan had his court date changed to Febuary 15th for reasons unknown to everyone else. It couldn't be because Judge Redmond is trying to have people and the media forget about it could she? I mean would a corrupt official try to hide her chronyism and corruption from the public by any means possible? If you can't answer these questions yourself then you need to re-evaluate your thought process and critical thinking skills quick.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

W.H. Sauter

Friday, January 26, 2007


On November 5th 2006, before Carmen was given her noise ordinance violation citation, an empty headed jerk neighbor of Carmen's named Richard Jordan threw an empty liquir bottle at Carmen's house because he didn't like her barbeque. When the police arrived to deal with Mr. Jordan he was just belligerant towards Eastpointe's finest and was not only charged with disturbing the peace, but resisting arrest as well. The strange thing is though when he was taken to the police station he refused to post bail according to the police report, he didn't post bail so he could "Speak with Judge Redmond in the morning" according to the same report. Now this fact and the fact that he was one of the leading neighbors that described Carmen as a "nuisance" to Judge Redmond when Carmen went to court on the 21st of November to deal with her citation(who was then as we all know, railroaded by the Judicial Tyrant Norene Redmond) makes this case SCREAM of impropriaty. Now the Judicial Tenure Committee of Michigan has been notified to these impropriaties and the Judicial "Hit job" that Norene Redmond committed against Carmen on November 21st, 2006; we need to hold Mr. Jordan accountable though to his crimes now and let him experience the dehumanizing experience that is jail, that he aided in Carmen experiencing for no legitimate reason. Now here comes the part where you the reader come into play in this mission. I need you the reader to pick up your telephone and contact the Macomb County prosecuter, and make him advocate for a punishment for Richard Jordan that is on the same scale that Carmen experienced. Because that it's unlikely that a DA that is working under Norene Redmond will do the right thing behind closed doors, we need to "assist" in doing the right thing by using the ultimate tool in destroying political corruption: SUNSHINE!! That means contacting the local media in the Detroit/Macomb County area about Richard Jordan's case and how it is connectecd with Carmen Granata's plight, they'll respond because this was the news story of the year in 2006 in that area. Now for the valuable phone number info that you'll be needing in this mission of ours.

Macomb County District Attorney
-Eric Smith: 586-469-5350

Detroit Free Press
Macomb bureau: 586-469-4680
Reporter Dan Cortez: 586-469-1827

The Macomb Daily
Editor -- Philip Van Hulle (586) 783-0372
Reporter -- Jamie Cook (586) 783-0314 (He did a Story on Carmen)

WXYZ: Detroit ABC affiliate
Newsroom: 248-827-9407

WDIV: Detroit NBC affiliate
Newsroom: 313-222-0500

Please Call these the phone numbers I've listed before tuesday 1/30/2007.

Good Luck and Sic Semper Tyrannis

W.H. Sauter

Saturday, January 6, 2007


When I mailed my letter, which consisted of at least six pages worth of material, the postal employee said because of the weight I would have to use two first class stamps($.39 a peice). So to be safe when mailing these forms to Carmen make sure that you use two stamps instead of one. Also remember to get the forms notarized by a notary public, for example most DMV's have a Notary Public on staff or you can check your local phone book. Prices range from two to five dollars to have an official document notarized.

Thank You and Sic Semper Tyrannis

W.H. Sauter

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


For those of you that have recieved or are waiting on your pardon forms so you can fill them out on Carmen's behalf I've written this so you'll have no problem filling it out. On question number one please fill out the following information:
NAME: Carmen Maria Granata
STREET ADDRESS: 22078 Donald Street
CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE: Eatepointe, Michigan 48012
Now on the question marked "Telephone Number" leave that blank, I do not want to leak information that could compromise Carmen's identity, after you finish completing this form just mail it to Carmen's house and she will fill out the blank spaces. I will repost her mailing address again later in the article.
On question number two of the application leave all of that information blank, Carmen will fill that out because it is personal information that is very important to her identity.
On question number three under "Crime Title and Type" please write in "Violation of Noise Ordinance; Misdemeanor". Under "Date" please write in "11/21/06". under "Court and Location" please write in "38th District Court| Eastpointe, Michigan| 48021-2383". Under "Judge" please write in "Norene Redmond" (Note: as tempting as it is to add something sarcastic or vulgar in that space PLEASE DONT! Not only is it unprofessional, but it is counterproductive as well and it only hurts Carmen and her cause). Under the heading "Sentence and Completion Date" please write in "30 Days in Jail, ended on December 15th, two years probation"; although Carmen was released two days early because of good behavior(Good people, like Carmen, always behave the best to their abitites in my opinion) there's not enough space to write all that in so just write in the actual sentence handed down by the Judge.
On question number four you can just go agead and leave that blank because she hasn't been arrested since her conviction and unjust sentence.
On question number five that is personal information that Carmen will have to fill out on her own so just leave that space blank.
On question number six of the form please attach a brief statement about the circumstances of the crime for which you are requesting the pardon, I ask that you please print out the statement (No handwriting please) and write at least a paragraph worth of material.
On question number 7 you need to attach another statement asking why you're requesting the pardon on Carmen's behalf, please print out the statement (Again, no handwriting please) and please write atleast a paragraph worth of material.
Under the title "Submitted by" just sign your name and under title "Date" just list the day's date.
On the next part of the form you need take to your local notary public and have them notarize it so it becomes an official legitimate application. After that you then need to mail it to Carmen Granta's mailing address, NOT THE OFFICE OF PAROLE BOARD ADDRESS LISTED ON THE FORM, that way she can fill in the rest of the personal information. Carmen's address, as I promised earlier, is again listed below:
Carmen Granata
22078 Donald Street
Eastpointe, Michigan 48021

After you mail the form to Carmen's address please wait at least 7 buisness days and then start calling the Department of Corrections(They first recieve and handle pardon applications before giving them to the Governor) asking about the progress of the application. Remember to be polite to whoever it is that you're speaking to.
The Department of Corrections phone # is (517) 335-1426. Keep calling the DOC until they say they've sent the form to the Governor and then start calling her office (Please remember to be polite to whoever it is you speak to at the Governor's office as well)

For those of you that have Adobe Acrobat or PDF readers on your computers, you can print out a pardon request form from your own home PC by just clicking on the title of this post. The web address is below:,1607,7-119-1435---,00.html
Click on the heading "Commutation and Pardon Applications and Instructions". Those of you that don't have the ability to do so can call the Department of Corrections at (517) 335-1426 or the governors office at PHONE: (517) 373-3400 and request a application for pardon form be mailed to your home.

Thank you once again for reading this article and participating in this process on not only Carmnen's behalf, but for all Americans that are directly or indirectly threatened by this tyrant Judge Norene Redmond.

Good Luck and Sic Semper Tyrannis
W.H. Sauter