Sunday, December 24, 2006


As we all enjoy tomorrow's festivities and company of our family members, let's try and remember what it is that we have to do on tuesday. Whether your Carmen's lawyer taking her case up in front of the appellate court, or in the same situation that I and millions of others are in: willing to do anything to help get this travesty taken off Carmen's record. We need to continue the fight with the renewed vigor that this situation needs. If you thank that this is a waste of time and isn't worth the effort, just look at your family think of the following. What happens when they recieve a harsh and unjust punishment from some other tyrant Judge for a minor offense. A Judge that uses obtuse moral judgements and unproven accusations to throw your loved one not only in the slammer, but turns their life into shambles. A Judge that thinks the Bill of Rights are a "Suggestion" that are null and void whenever they feel like it. A Judge that thinks the same punishment that applies to multiple felons applies to people that are accused of very obscure low level misdomeaners that didn't require arrest at the time, only a citation. A Judge that serves at the behest of lynch mobs, in which her friends are members, and believing their accusations whether or not what the mob says is true or even relevant to the case.

Now some of you that read this editorial will say, "Hey, we make laws and if you break'em you have to face the punishment, and that's why I follow rules." I hear what you say and bring up the fact that we're human beings and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are unintended and have no actual victims. Some are intentional and require heavy consequences. How would you feel if you're unreasonably punished for the mildest of infractions, a punishment that is worse than those that have made many infractions and worse infractions as well. You see once a little black robed tyrannt like Norene Redmond gets her way she could set legal precident for other wannabe tyrannt justices. Once that happens it can lead to having your licenses revoked for a minor fender bender in which no one was hurt and violated no other laws and it was your first wreck ever after years of driving. It can lead to a loved one being sent to jail because they allowed you to live there and you keep weird hours or the neighbors just don't like you; when your loved one plead guilty before they went into court on that minor littering charge, they'll hear that's the reason they're getting 90 days in jail with ultra restrictive probation after they get out, although it's their first offense. You see once tyranny and tyrannts get a foothold somewhere they inspire and breed other tyrants. Then before you know it, it's too late, they've taken over your once righteous and fair society and turned it into a tyrannical society. A land where bullies and thugs make victims out of us all, turns neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member and seeks out minorities to turn into Scapegoats.

If you don't believe you could ask the millions of Europeans that gave up their represntative democracies to either the fascist or the communists. See what it did to their lives, their neighbors, their lifestyle and their humanity. They sometimes lost it all, but most importantly they all usually lost their humanity, and once you lose that you usually never get it back. You see Humanity is what gives us the ability to love, understand, and forgive: the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the great philosophers of the ages of reason and enlightenment and the lessons handed down to us from the founding fathers.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Wilhelm H. Sauter.

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